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Frequently Asked Questions

Which OCT do you recommend?2018-04-04T13:08:32-05:00

I bet you seldom ask this question, because most of the time the person you are dealing with only offers you one brand…the one they are selling! We can offer you options from less than $10,000.00 all the way up to $95,000.00 depending on the needs of your practice. We will always recommend the most cost effective and practical option for your needs, not ours!

How do I know you will be in business and support these products in the future?2018-03-15T01:10:53-05:00

This is an important question to ask anyone offering you preowned equipment. In our case, ECA is owned by U.S. based eye care company that has been in business for over 100 years and is one of the largest eye care companies in the world. Bottom line…we will be in business as long as you are in practice!

What are the risks in buying preowned vs. new?2018-03-15T01:11:10-05:00

If you purchase from a small broker, fairly high. The Eye Care Alliance is not a used equipment broker. We have the ability to completely refurbish Zeiss and other high tech equipment and offer repair and support services for our customers. In fact, we often offer these services to used equipment brokers.

What is the cost savings in buying preowned vs. new?2018-03-15T01:11:23-05:00

A minimum of 20% and more if you purchase a previous model to the current one. For example, about 20% on a Zeiss IOL Master Model 500 and about 50% on the previous model, a Zeiss IOL Master Version 5.4.

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